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TFP Agreement Information

Time for Prints (or digital images of high resolution) is a co-operation for mutual benefit of both model and photographer.

The model puts in their time, resources and effort. The photographer does the same. No fee changes hands.

Both the model and the photographer cover their own expenses and benefit from each other's skills and talents. As the name suggests the model's fee consists of photographic prints or digital images.

TFP/CD is meant to be a low-budget affair. The model should have no expenses other than travel and the normal expenses involved in 'looking good'.
Sometimes, you will be required to do your own hair and make-up and to bring along a pre-agreed selection of your own clothes for the shoot.

Please be professional in your approach to the shoot arrive in good a time, studio or location hire costs money and it’s important that it is used well and not wasted.

Suggestions are more than welcome from Models wishing to contribute to the shoot and explore their own ideas and poses.
TFP/CD is a co-operation for hopefully the benefit of both the model and the photographer please do not treat the shoot simply as a free portfolio shoot for you.

Practice and try to have a variety of poses ready for your shoot, poses that can hopefully be developed into exciting images. Remember that as a photographer I am on your side, we both want the photos to look great! It is important that you feel relaxed and comfortable at a shoot. As a photographer, I always work and behave in a friendly but professional manner. If you are not used to photoshoots or new to modelling I often explain what I am trying to achieve in a particular shot.

If you are younger than 18 years of age you will be required to have a parent or guardian sign the agreement form before any photography can take place.

Feel free to get in contact for any question you might have